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Silk Serum

Silk Serum

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-a silk serum used to add shine and moisture on dry or damp hair using a dime to nickel size massaging from top of hair strand to the bottom


Passion fruit & Brazil nut- Provides essential lipids, fatty acids helps prevent loss of internal moisture. Both are rich in vitamins & minerals to maintain healthy hair. 


 Sunflower extract- restorative emollients abundant in vitamin E, linoleic acid & Oleic acid eliminates frizz, add softness, shine and promotes overall healthy hair 


MALLOW FLOWER, HORSETAIL EXTRACT, LEON PEEL EXTRACT & BURDOCK ROOT EXTRACT- are certified organic extracts that adds softness & shine as well as helps prevent thinning and hair loss


  • For All Hair Types
  • Softens & Smoothes Hair
  • Adds Moisture & High Shine.
  • Protects Hair from Heat Styling.
  • Reduces Drying Time.
  • Excellent for Hair Extensions.
  • Free-from Sulfates.
  • Free-from Parabens.
  • Free-from MIT’s, EU Compliant.
  • Vegan Formula

    8oz  Plastic Bottle

    Clear liquid substance

    keep out of heat, store in a room temperture climate

    start out using a dime or nickle size amount 


    All sales are final. An exchange can possibly be made by contacting Amira Luxe via email.

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