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About AmiraLuxe

Why Amira Luxe

Amira Luxe exists to remind every woman that she is a princess.


Princesses are powerful.

Princesses are confident. 

Princesses deserve real ingredient's to make you feel beautiful without compromising on vegan, organic, or toxin-free ideals.


Whoever you are, whatever hair type you have, you are a princess and you deserve luxe.


Dayll Griffith


After ten years in the salon industry, Dayll realized that if she really cared about the health of her customers’ hair, she could only sell products made from natural ingredients that replenish and grow hair without compromising on purity.


That realization inspired her to build Amira Luxe, an all natural hair care brand with products that nourish your hair and skin, never exposing your body to synthetic ingredients.

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